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Capturing the Flags

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My workout partner cancelled on me last night, which I didn’t let excuse me from working out.  I decided to Go For It with the Wii Fit Plus ultimate cycling, which is actually called “expert”.  Whatever.

I was relieved to see that there were only 20 flags that had to be captured, but they were spread out much farther apart.  This means more hills and other surfaces (like the beach) to explore while hunting for flags.

Usually with the advanced cycling, the Wii will remind me at some point that I can press the B button, which will end my current game, and save my Fit Credits.  I never do it, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

During this session, it reminded me THREE times that I had that option.  I also paused it 3 times to take drinks of water.  I finally gave up with 3 flags left to go, because I simply could not figure out how to get to them from where I was.  They are either up on the mountain on some trail I haven’t found yet, or IN the mountain in a cave I haven’t found yet.  I got the ones on the beach and in the ruins, but those last three, I can watch my arrow passing them on the map, but cannot actually see the flags on the screen.  There is no panning function for the camera (that I am aware of) and the map in the manual is no help.

So I gave up, pressed B and was informed by the system that I had been cycling for 43 minutes.  It really did fly by.  I thought I might have done 30, but I wasn’t sure.  I’ll probably try it again this weekend.


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StumbleUpon Tuesday – 5/27/2008

Interesting facts about honeybees.

A pictoral of the lifecycle of a leaf.

Seriously loving the bento.

Cooking with Coolio. This ain’t no Julia Child. It’s funny, though.

This isn’t a Stumble, my mother-in-law actually has this stuff. She works at Costco and they sell it there: Batter Blaster (pancake batter in a can, like whipped topping).

StumbleUpon Tuesday – 5/20/08

I am a time travel fanatic. Check out this paradox.

And if you are a victim of suburban adultery, there are always reasons why it’s good to be single.

Some really cool curiosities. I particularly like the “Delete” eraser.

An interesting idea. I wonder if it will catch on?

Ever had a case where the definition of a word made almost as little sense as the original word? Perhaps a visual dictionary can help.

StumbleUpon Tuesday

In which I share strange and/or interesting links I have StumbleUpon‘d.

Read the numbers on your fruit. How to tell if the fruit you are about to buy is regular, unleaded or high octane.

How to Be a Woman. Written by a woman, for women. Good advice. Also continues our fruit theme.

This picture is beautiful. Like a fairytale.

Just in case they aren’t cheap enough, you can make your own gummi worms.

Go look, but come back, ok?