Making the Bed

After having my daughter, my schedule was completely thrown.  I spent most of the day caring for her and looking longingly at my bed, wishing I could get back into it.

Then one day I read an article in a magazine (if I can remember which one I will come back and link to it) that said that people who make their beds every day are generally more productive, happier and better with money than people who don’t.  I found that interesting.

I’ve never been one to make my bed in the morning.  It isn’t something that was done around our house, so my mom and dad were never nagging me to make the bed.  When I became an adult I didn’t see the point in making the bed because I was just going to get back into it eventually anyway, right?  So I didn’t.  The only time my bed ever to made was when I was changing the sheets.

I decided to test the theory of the article.  I could see my unmade bed from the living room couch, so I got up and made it.  It didn’t take long, and I was surprised to find that a few hours later I wasn’t still thinking about getting back into bed.

I’ve made the bed almost every day since.  I don’t usually do it as soon as I get up, but at some point before 10 a.m. it does get made.

Am I happier?  I think so.  Seeing the bed made up makes me happy.  We just got home from a 5-day trip out of town to visit family and it made me happy to come home to a bed that was made.  Usually when we’d get home I would want to strip the bed and put new sheets and blankets on so I could sleep in a clean bed the first night home.

Am I more productive?  Absolutely.  Making the bed gets sleeping off my mind.  Since I’m already in the bedroom making the bed, I also pick up dirty clothes, straighten bedside tables and give the floor a sweep.  Then since I’m already in clean-up mode I find myself doing the same things in the rest of the house.

In fact, this morning I got up early and showered, then made the bed.  I’ve also folded a load of laundry, started another, boiled some eggs, picked out what I’m making for dinner, and done some writing.  I also took my vitamins and ate breakfast.  All in 2 hours.

Am I better with money?  This is sort of a long-term thing, but I feel like I spend more time being productive which means less time being a consumer.  Since I’m happier I don’t feel the need to shop to fill some need in my life.

It’s a simple task and only takes a couple of minutes but it makes a world of difference. I recommend it.