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Things I Love: Bluetooth Keyboard

When I got my first Android phone I had to purchase a Swype style keyboard. I loved that thing, and even moved it to my second phone. Most phones and tablets come with a Swype style keyboard now so it’s not a big thing anymore.

As much as I love it, it gets tiresome in the middle of long conversations or when I’m just feeling lazy.  All of my devices have Bluetooth and I have a Bluetooth keyboard for the Kindle but it’s tiny and doesn’t lend itself to typing a lot.

I finally decided to get a full size Bluetooth keyboard and they can get expensive.  I found this one and I LOVE it!  This is the myKeyO Full Size Bluetooth 6-In-1 Keyboard, Stand and Organizer. I found it on eBay but it was $10 cheaper on Amazon with free shipping. The seller even sent me pairing instructions in English prior to the arrival of the item. A+

20150804_233144I got the white version, but it also comes in black and pink (for a higher price).

20150804_233154It has storage underneath (headphones not included, those are mine) and places for pens and business cards on top.  The holder on top holds both my phone and table with their cases on!

It paired easily to my Kindle, my cell phone and even my laptop (the one I recently spilled soda in, OMG). I think black or pink might have been prettier but the white works fine for my purposes.

PS. My laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth but I got this adapter several months ago. It works fantastically and is super cheap.

The other night I had a sudden inspiration for a blog post for a freelance client. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was paired with the keyboard (I had just gotten the keyboard and was fooling around with it) so I opened Google Keep and quickly typed nearly an entire blog post on my phone!

I plan to keep it in the kitchen area, which is where I spend most of the day. It’s a great stand to look at recipes and I can send messages and type things up when inspiration strikes.  I was worried I wouldn’t use it much but it has proved to be invaluable I highly recommend it.

Some notes:

  • Apparently the number keys on the side don’t work with iPads, so take that into consideration.
  • This is not rechargeable and requires to AAA batteries.



Thank heavens for backups!

While cleaning up after my daughter today I spilled a very small amount of water on the keyboard of my laptop.  I wiped it up right away and all seemed fine until after dinner when I tried to type.  That’s when things got weird.

I ran some paper towels under the key, used the blow dryer and even turned off the laptop and let it sit in front of a running box fan.  Two hours later and it still won’t work correctly.

Thankfully I remembered that when I bought my trusty Logitech Wireless Mouse M315 Nano Blades of Grass, I also purchased the matching Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard with Unifying Receiver (Blades of Grass Version). I haven’t used the keyboard much, and in fact, I didn’t even know where it was.

My faithful and trusty manservant husband dug it out of a box in the garage and ta-da! I can type again. I love that the dongle for the keyboard is so small and will work for both the mouse and the keyboard.

My only issues with this keyboard are that it can’t quite keep up with my typing (I type really, really fast) and that the keyboard layout is totally different that my laptop keyboard: a little smaller and the home, pgup, etc. are not in the same place.

Upsides?  It works! And it has a number keypad on the left-hand side.  I miss that when I don’t have it.

I highly recommend the mouse and the keyboard, especially if you accidentally mess up your laptop keyboard.