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Savings Unsaved

I recently wrote about how much I love Digit, the savings device you don’t have to think about. I wanted to follow up and tell you about my experience withdrawing from the account.

I recently broke a tooth and needed to pay a bit of money to see the dentist. There was money in the checking account, but I wanted to move some from the Digit account to see how easy it was to do that.

Here are the steps I took:

1. On my phone I went to the Digit message thread and typed in HELP and sent.

2. Digit responded by asking what kind of help I needed and suggested that I respond with COMMANDS, so I did.

3. Digit responded with a handful of commands, one of which was WITHDRAW. I sent back WITHDRAW.

4.Digit gave me my available balance and asked how much I would like to withdraw. I responded with an amount.

5. Digit asked to confirm the amount and I said yes.

6. Digit confirmed it was moving the amount to my checking account and I could expect it on May 25th (the next day).

7. Digit asked why I wanted to transfer the money. This step is optional, but I chose to give a brief explanation (dental bill) and Digit promised to notate the account.

I think it’s handy to notate why a withdrawal was made. Again, it’s optional to provide that information.

It is the morning of May 25th as I type this. I just logged in to my checking account and what do you know, the deposit was made!  Go Digit!