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Putting the Pieces Together

When I lived in New York City I did something I have always wanted to do: I went to IKEA.  I have heard so many wonderful things about the meatballs and the furniture, I just had to see it for myself.

I ended up buying a bed, a dresser, a coffee table and two end tables.  I somehow managed to get everything back to my little apartment in Queens and then? Then I had to put it all together.

It was quite a comedy.  I’m not good with tools.  Or directions.  Or my hands.  It took forever, plus the help of some very good friends to get all that stuff put together.

I wish there had been something like Handybook Ikea Furniture Assembly back then.  If you live in New York or Boston (right now, other locations are coming soon) they will come to your place and assemble your IKEA furniture for you.

The website is crazy simple to use.  Just click the link above, put in your ZIP code, the date and time you want someone to come assemble your furniture, the type of furniture that needs assembly, the number of pieces and your email address.  You get a quote BEFORE you click submit.  No guessing, no haggling, just a simple, clean online experience.

Where were these guys 10 years ago?  More importantly, when will they be coming to my area?