Change your passwords for these sites ASAP.

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Change your passwords for these sites ASAP.

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now
A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.

Tiny Dancer

I’ve got the most beautiful little girl in the world.  She’s 19 months old and a whirling dervish of energy and beauty.

Now that we’re in Florida I want to get her involved in some activities.  I’m going to start looking for dance classes here. I wonder if they take students her age?

She is tiny and very strong so maybe I will look into gymnastics classes, as well.  I was a gymnast as a child and I think she would be even better at it than I was.

Florida Florida Florida

It is sunny, and my friends are here.  Even with all of the crap we had to go through to make it back here, it’s all worth it.

Naples Fishing Pier Sunset at Beach

Naples Fishing Pier Sunset at Beach (Photo credit: Captain Kimo)

Health Insurance

After my husband lost his job last Spring we found ourselves without health insurance for the first time in a decade.  His new job didn’t offer insurance and we didn’t qualify for Medicaid. We also couldn’t afford private insurance.

After trying to get all of these health insurance quotes through the government website we finally secured coverage that started January 1. It feels good to finally have health insurance again.

Hello From the Other Side

English: A 22 foot Penske rental truck

English: A 22 foot Penske rental truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – NOT the one we rented. This one probably isn’t broken down.

Our move is sort of done.  I say “sort of” because we and all of our stuff made it to Florida.  This is the situation right now:

1.  The Penske truck broke down about 400 miles from our destination and was towed here.  It still contains all of our stuff, which needs to be put into storage.

2.  We have to find an alternative method to get our stuff to storage because the Penske truck broke down.

3.  The broken down Penske truck is sitting on the side of the road in front of my mother in law’s house.

4.  The house we had been scoping out online to rent has been rented.  To someone else.  We are technically homeless.

5.  We are moving into a borrowed condo this weekend until we find a place.

6.  Did I mention the Penske truck broke down?

We’re tired, stressed and annoyed, but we’re here.  I’m ready for some beach days.

More Strings

Just when you think you have everything your guitar lover could possibly need, something new comes along.  Once you determine that they do or don’t need the new thing, something they already own breaks down.

It’s a good idea to have things like Everly guitar strings on hand to replace broken ones. A broken guitar string can ruin a practice session or even a gig. These are good strings for the money.

Uhaul Discounts?

We are moving this weekend, in case you didn’t know.  One of the things we plan to do is rent Uhaul vehicle trailer to pull on the back of one of our trucks.  Does anyone know of any discount codes for Uhaul?  None of my memberships provide one and I’d like to save a little money if possible.

Hobby Heavy

As we prepare to move I have  pared down a lot of things.  I got rid of a lot of books, cookbooks and otherwise.  Most of them I put on my Kindle and then donated.

My husband has also been paring down, but he has lots of heavy and expensive interest: a car he wants to rebuild, a vast collection of records, a motorcyle and a set of heavy old encyclopedias he is convinced will become a collector’s item one day.

I hope he doesn’t see this website about the exciting blueridge guitars. Music and musical instruments are another of his hobbies that he has too much of!

Local Moving Boxes

In the midst of moving we found ourselves in need of moving boxes, so we had to find some locally while waiting for the ones I purchased online.  If you’re in need of moving boxes and you don’t have a lot of time to have them shipped, here is how you can get them locally for free or cheap:

1.  Scan the neighborhood.  Do you have new neighbors moving in?  They might be willing to give you their moving boxes since they are done with them.

2.  Check with local grocery stores.  The local guys are usually more willing to help, though a big chain might, as well.  The problem is they may not have any available when you need them (I was told to check back with my local grocer on Friday but I plan to have this whole place packed up by Friday).

3.  Freecycle.  I cannot push Freecycle enough.  This is a great resource for anything free.  We got a lot of great moving boxes here including some small ones that were already marked “Books!” that we put books! in! (Seriously, even if you aren’t looking for moving boxes:

4.  Other freebie groups.  Where we lived there was a Freecycle group and another freebie group that used Yahoo groups.  I was a member of both and advertised on both.  You should also check Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  Search terms to try: freebie, freebies, freeuse, freebiecycle, freecycle

5.  Office/Friends.  Your office might have some of those awesome paper boxes.  Your friends might have some, too!

6.  Home Depot.  I remembered looking at Home Depot online when I was looking for moving box kits.  When we ran out of free boxes I purchased some from my local Home Depot store.  Great quality, a wide variety of sizes, and they had plenty in stock.  Prices ranged from $0.69 for a small box to $9.98 for a wardrobe box.  I didn’t pay more than $2.00 for any of the boxes I bought.

I tried all of the above and we’ve got almost everything packed!

Brochure Printing

I’ve been thinking about how to advertise my writing business once we move back to Florida.  One of the things I’ve been looking into is color brochure printing with a local printer.

Sure, I could do my brochures with some shop online. I’ve done business cards that way. But what if there is a problem?  Things have to be corrected and shipped again.  With a local printer there is no shipping and you know who you are dealing with.