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Musical Girl

One of my daughter’s first exposures to music was her daddy playing bass guitar for her. She was fascinated by the instrument and couldn’t stop watching.  She was about 6 months old then.

She’s 3 now and has her own keyboard, her own bongos and her own xylophone. Her daddy just started giving her guitar lessons on his childhood guitar. She loves it.

I know he would love to give her a floyd rose guitar when she is old enough to appreciate it. I think they would make a cute little father-daughter band.

On The Floor

For about 9 years my husband and I lived in 3 different houses. Each of these houses was predominantly tile or some other non-carpet flooring.

In Florida, especially in our area, non-carpeted homes are the rule rather than the exception.  Sand is a lot easier to get out of the house when there is no carpet.  However, we also found this to be the case in Louisiana when we lived there.  The first house we lived in was stone and/or tile and the second home was completely hardwood flooring.

The home we currently rent has carpet in all rooms except wet rooms, which is nice.  However, I do prefer non-carpet.

We will be moving again in the next year or so and I expect the house we move to will not be carpeted. I have been looking online at wool area rugs. I think the best way to decorate a home when you don’t want to decorate the walls is to decorate the floors.

I plan to put bold colors in the living areas and muted colors in the bedrooms.  Wool area rugs are a great way to give your home some personality.

Tune In, Tune Up

Can I tell you a secret? My husband couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.  He’s a horrible singer, though he can sometimes manage to carry a tune as long as the notes are really low.  Sadly, I think our daughter has inherited his inability to sing.

He’s trying to teach her to be musical in other ways.  We have keyboards, drums, guitars and bass guitar to play with and introduce to her.

The best way to keep in tune all of those instruments? Having a tuner handy. My husband has one that our daughter calls “calculator” because it looks kind of like a calculator.  There are many different kinds to choose from: clip on, pedal, even some that do things besides tune.  Find the best one for you by clicking the link above.

MY Leather Chair

Just before my daughter was born my father said he wanted to get her a present.  He was staying at my house, so he logged in to my computer and did a bunch of searching and ordered something for her.  When it arrived, it was a brown leather rocking recliner.  An adult-sized one.

We have used it for feeding and for rocking a restless baby to sleep at night. As a toddler she now uses it to watch TV, snuggling in under a blanket with her stuffed puppies.  It is the most sought-after and fought-over chair in the house.

We love that recliner.  Good furniture does more than just fill up a room, it becomes part of the family.

When we moved last year we got a much larger house and we need more chairs!  I want to customize a Leather Club Chair at, one that I can buy several of so that we can fill our living areas with leather furniture. Everyone needs a nice leather chair to call her own.

Cold Outside

Here we are back in Florida.  Last year in Louisiana we lived through several snow days and quite a few weeks of cold weather.  While I enjoyed it, I really wanted to come back to Florida where it stays warm most of the time.

Unfortunately, it does get cold in Florida.  The last few days have been bitter cold in the mornings and chilly in the afternoons.  I don’t like it, and we’re not prepared for it!

The next time we go house hunting I want to find a house with a fireplace.  I’ve been looking at Fireplace Grates at Northline Express and imagining one of them full of wood that is on fire and throwing cheery warmth and light into the room.

I would love to have at least two fireplaces: one in the main living room and one in the master bedroom.  I love the smell of a fireplace, the warmth, and the way it feels so homey.  Would a fireplace in every room be so bad?

Working from Home

After years of struggling to begin a writing career, I finally got my big break last fall writing blog posts and web content for a company on the West Coast.  It pays well and is interesting work, and I love it so much that sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that this is real.  I get to work from home doing something I love.

Working from home is something that people only dream about.  I love being able to do it, and you might, too.  Here are some great sites and links to help you find real work from home:

1. – this is a fantastic site for work from home opportunities.  Often they cull their listings from other resources, so you may have to pay to see some job listings, but is free.

2.  All You – on occasion this site offers up some great ideas on how to work or earn money from home.  It’s also a really interesting magazine for women.

3. Work-At-Home-Moms.  Great site with listings for call center jobs from home across the country.  Great information on the fees and hiring processes.

Happy job hunting!

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Give Me A Ring

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  I can never think of a gift that I would like for my birthday or for Christmas or for my anniversary, but for some reason Mother’s Day is special.  I guess it is because I never thought I would be a mom.

I’m planning to ask for a mother’s ring this year.  I’ve been looking at some mother’s ring designs online and now I have a big decision to make. Should I include the birth stone of the child we lost before she was born, and if so, should it be for the month she was actually born or the month she should have been born?

Gone to the Dogs

As I wander the house picking up the toys my daughter leaves EVERYWHERE my husband sighs.  “She really needs a dog,” he says.

My daughter loves dogs.  Everywhere we go she exclaims over them, wants to pet them, wants to play with them.

My husband and I both grew up around dogs, and I would love for her to have one.  I’ve even been researching dog news articles and information on the EntirelyPets blog to keep me occupied until we finally move someplace where we can have a dog.  I miss wet noses and big puppy dog eyes.

Shop Around to Save Money

I read an article the other day that talked about a dirty little secret that insurance companies don’t want you to know.  Apparently when they calculate your insurance premium they try to determine how much they can charge before you will go looking for a better premium elsewhere.

I’ve been with my insurance company for insurance for many years.  The premium continues to creep up a few dollars every six months or so, despite the fact that we are older drivers, married, no tickets, no accidents, and our we never file claims on any of our insurance.

If you live in North Carolina you should go to this website – auto insurance and homeowners insurance best rates may be just a click away. Don’t assume your current insurance is giving you a discount for loyalty.

Christmas is WHEN???

Did you know that there are currently only 69 days until Christmas?  I just looked it up and it struck fear into my heart.  I don’t have a Christmas list!  I’ve got to get cracking!

My husband is easy to buy for.  He is a musician and loves music related items so I can just follow this link and buy him pretty much anything from it and he will be thrilled.

I love that he is so easy to shop for. The toddler? Not so much.