Explanation: Cartwheel from Target

In my neverending new quest to save money while shopping I started hearing about this thing called Cartwheel.  It is a program from Target that allows you to save an additional amount on items purchased from Target.

I admit I couldn’t figure it out when I first heard about it.  It just looked like a big mess and I didn’t know how it would benefit me.  I did some research and I finally get it now.

Cartwheel can be accessed on your PC.  You sign up through your Facebook account and you get incentives for adding friends.

You start out with 10 slots for savings and you go through and choose the items that you want to save money on.  Target will give you a discount of 5% – 30% on a wide variety of items, but you have to choose these items ahead of time.  The items are listed on the website with the discount percentage.

Once you have chosen your items you can either print out your Cartwheel list with barcode from the website or you can access your Cartwheel list with the Cartwheel app on your phone.  The barcode displayed is scanned by the cashier and your discount is reflected on your receipt.

Using the program and adding friends will earn you more savings slots.  As of this post I’ve got 14 slots.

What are the benefits of using Cartwheel?  Well, you can stack discounts.  You can double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple dip on savings for a single item.  How?  Like this:

1.  Use a manufacturer’s coupon for the item.

2.  Stack the manufacturer’s coupon with a Target coupon.

3.  Use the Cartwheel discount for the item.

4.  Pay with your Redcard and get an additional 5% discount.

5.  Submit for an Ibotta rebate.

Here’s what I did on a recent trip:

Bought 2 cans of shave gel for $4.98.  Used a buy one get one free manufacturer’s coupon, a Target coupon, the Cartwheel discount and submitted to Ibotta for a rebate (I don’t have a Target Redcard or I would have used that, too).  I ended up paying a grand total of $0.08 cents for 2 cans of shave gel!

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