Things I Love: Google Keep

I’m one of those people that has notes everywhere. I write on the backs of envelopes, scraps of paper, sometimes even notepads.  Then when I need them? I can’t find them.

I recently discovered Google Keep when I upgraded to a new phone (my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 4).   It is a great place to make and keep lists, notes, etc.  It works on phones, tablets and computers and whatever you put on one device shows up on all of the others when you use the same account for all.

t list(a sample of my Trader Joe’s list)

I use it for EVERYTHING. When I am on a phone call I open Google Keep on my laptop and take notes.  Here are the things that make Google Keep great:

  1. Tags (Labels). I can make a title on a note and then add tags (labels) to make things easier to find later.
  2. Reminders.  Fantastic, wonderful reminders. If I take notes on a conversation that requires follow up I can set a reminder and I will get a notification on my phone when I need to follow up. This is SO HELPFUL.
  3. Pictures. You can add pictures to grocery lists or notes or anything. I love to take screenshots of items I see on Trader Joe’s blogs and put them in list so I can remember to get them when I make my monthly trek to TJ’s. You can either look at a list that says Edamame Hummus or you can see a picture of a package of edamame hummus. I like knowing what I’m looking for.
  4. Sharing. If I’m sick or home with the kiddo I can share a note or list with my hubby at the store so he knows what he needs to pick up.

Google Keep is a fantastic resource and I can’t get enough of it.