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Update – Hollar!

I wrote recently about my experience ordering from Hollar. I received a couple of nonworking and/or broken items, so I contacted customer service. Here is how that worked out:

Nonworking Item:

[The Pillow Pets mini light up puppy dog came new in the package and did not light up. I changed out the batteries (it requires 3 SR41 or LR41 watch batteries) and it still doesn’t work.]  I emailed about this second, and got a message on 5/18/16 that they had shipped me a new one. Received it on 5/24/16 and it works! My daughter loves it!

Broken Item:

[The jar with the red lid was broken when it arrived. A strip of the jar was not covered in bubble wrap and that looks like where the break originated.] I emailed about this one first but didn’t receive any sort of response. After I received the pillow pet above, I forwarded the original email back to them asking if they had addressed that problem. I received a response from them that the item was out of stock and they were crediting my Paypal account. I received the refund email about 10 minutes later. I’m not sure if they would have done anything about it unless I sent another message.

I just went back over to Hollar and I see some new items that look like they might be handy. I will purchase from them again, keeping in mind that if there is a problem.

I think I will keep an eye on Hollar for party favors and decorations for my daughter’s birthday party this summer.

Phone Etiquette: You Won’t Be Getting My Business

I don’t like talking on the phone.  I have a busy life with a toddler, a house to keep up and errands to run, not to mention writing and writing and more writing.  Talking on the phone just doesn’t fit into my schedule.

I’ve made two calls in the last couple of weeks because I needed things done and decided that spending money to do them made more sense than adding to my already busy workload.  Here’s how that worked out:

Target – I called the Target Portrait Studio a couple of weeks ago to schedule a session to have my daughter’s one year portraits done.  I had a coupon, they do great work and it is convenient.  The first time I called I was told the studio didn’t open until 10 so call back then.  I called back around 11:30 and someone answered and said she was helping another guest.  Could she get my number and call me back in 15 minutes?  I said sure and gave her my number.  That was… twoish weeks ago?  I’m still waiting for that return call.

Lawn Service – The lawn never gets mowed in one session and my husband and I are just too busy to make it happen when it is cool enough out so I went on Craigslist, found an ad that had been posted that day and called around 11 am on Monday.  I got voicemail so I left a message.  No return call, and it is Thursday!

On Tuesday afternoon I called another lawn service number from Craigslist.  I got voicemail so I left a message but during that process I got a call back from the same number on call waiting.  The guy not only returned my call right away, he showed up within the hour to give me a (very reasonable) estimate and we scheduled time for him to come back and do the lawn (his ZTR mower is in the shop).  Assuming he calls back to confirm before coming out, he’ll not only get to do the job this time, but every time I need the lawn mowed I’ll be calling him.

If you’re in the service industry, there are two things you should definitely do:

1.  Call back if you say you are going to call back.  Customer service 101 here.

2.  Return voicemails promptly.  Even if you are calling to say that you don’t have time in your schedule, you still stand the chance of getting that business at a future date because you returned the call.



Final on Ibotta Bonuses

There were some problems with all of those Ibotta bonuses that came out at the beginning of the month.  I won’t get into the problems of others but mine was that I bought a product that fit the products description qualifying for both a combo offer and a bonus.

When I tried to scan the product, the app told me the item was not a match.  Right brand? Check.  Right size? Check.  I emailed customer service via email and through the system.  It usually takes about 48 hours but it took almost a week due to some other issues they were having.

However, I did get both my combo offer payout and my bonus.  I also got a referral bonus from one of my referrals!  Here’s where my account stands now:


It truly works!


Event Management Software

In the current economic climate, businesses are trying to save money wherever possible.  Whether it is a new business or an old business, you have to choose between paying people to do the work or finding less expensive software to get the job done so that you can help your employees keep their jobs.

Take event management software.  If you are an event planner or manager, you need software that is flexible, has great customer service, and won’t break the bank.  Are you paying too much for software and service that isn’t available anywhere, anytime?  Are you paying for antiquated software that doesn’t work for your business anymore, or needs major changes to fit the growth and scope of your company?  It might be time for a change.

As an event manager you need to be on the cutting edge.  Events can help other companies create and drive new business.  Those companies want to work with an event manager they can trust.

Are you listening, Comcast?

An early 20th century candlestick phone being ...

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I know Comcast is listening, but I don’t think they are hearing me.

A couple of weeks ago we had some issues with the phone and internet in our home.  After some frustrating phone conversations I tweeted my irritation and it wound up on my blog (my tweets are protected, but they are published here on Sundays automatically).

Apparently Comcast trolls the internet looking for these sorts of things, because I got a comment from ComcastMark asking me to contact him with more details, and he even provided an email address.  I sent him an email the next day explaining the situation and asking for two very simple things:

1.  Credit my account for the 2 days I was without service.
2.  Review its policies to ensure “customer service” does not include further inconveniencing the customer.

That email was written 14 days ago.  I have yet to receive a response from anyone at Comcast.

We’ve had issues twice since then.  One was an area outage that was resolved, and the second was this past Tuesday evening.  The internet and phone blinked off and on all day.  We called on Wednesday morning and were told to hit the reset button on the modem, which we did, and it worked.

After that it continued to be intermittent, so I called back and was told the tech could see that our modem was offline, so they couldn’t fix it.  The next available tech slot was SUNDAY morning (did I mention this was Wednesday afternoon?) so I said ok, and then she advised we could be put on a waiting list for the next available slot.

Luckily the slot that came open was Friday morning, and the tech discovered the problem was “at the pole”, whatever that means.  It is fixed now.

However, I am STILL waiting on someone from Comcast to respond to my original emailed complained.  Are you out there ComcastMark?

Customer Service?

Blog Pictures | acobox.comI will admit, that last night I thought that the technical support call I had to make was going to be a problem. I went into it with a pessimistic attitude.

I just bought a wireless print server (cheap! refurbished!) so that I don’t have to go and plug my laptop into my beloved Kodak Easyshare 5500.  I want to be able to print while sitting on my ass on the couch.  Or the toilet.  Or the lanai.  Is that too much to ask?

Irish tried to install it, God bless him.  He even read the destructions instructions before trying to install the server.  It really looked like we were going to have to move the printer into the same room as the router and leave it hooked up there.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of this being wireless, IMHO.

He gave up for the night, but at 10:30 I took a stand and decided to call technical support.  I spent about half an hour on the phone with “Tracy” before she determined I needed to speak to a specialist for that particular type of print server.  I was then transferred to “Holly”.

“Holly” immediately hit me with the $9.99 “we’ll log in and do it for you” speech.  I’m no idiot when it comes to computers, and I follow instructions pretty well, so I figured I would save myself the $9.99 (and them having access to my credit card) and do it while she instructed me.

“Holly” frustrated me more than the computer did.  As we were installing, she would instruct me to do something, and I would do it, then immediately report back the result.  If there was an error, I would tell her the error and would be met with silence.  Like this:

Holly:  Click the print test page button.

Me (click – then out loud): Error.  Printer not connected.

Holly: …

Me:  Hello?

Holly:  Did you click the print test page button?

Me: Yes.  And it gave me an error.

Holly:  What did the error say?

Me: Error.  Printer not connected.

This went on and on.  Now granted, we were on the line for well two hours before she gave me the old heave-ho by saying it was obviously my printer drivers (which I would need to contact the printer manufacturer about) or a compatibility issue with the print server, but in any case they couldn’t fix it until my printer driver issue was resolved.

Having worked in technical support and customer service for many years, here are my tips for dealing with technical support (from both sides):

Technical Support Reps:  LISTEN to the person on the other end of the line.  No matter how stupid you think that person is.

Customers:  Pay the $9.99.  And if the tech support rep starts saying you need to contact the manufacturer of some other product, that means they are done with you and you need to hang up and call back to get a fresh rep.